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Safety and the Wild Blue Ropes

by Hugh Corcoran

Safety is among our highest priorities here at Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park. Indeed thousands of participants have safely enjoyed the FUN and excitement of our Explorer’s Gateway and Challenge Course over the last four years. Wild Blue Ropes consistently meets the highest standards of construction, maintenance, and operation for our outdoor adventure park.

The operational safety of an adventure park or high ropes course does not just rely on high-standards of equipment. Like other activities that take place off the ground, proper safety requires that staff members excel in direct interaction with visitors. Our Crew also have extensive technical knowledge of the course and our equipment, and the skills to intervene in difficult situations. Naturally our helmets, harnesses, and obstacles are inspected daily to insure proper function.

Instructing and supervising a large number visitors during the operation of a climbing park provides a number of challenges, and we at Wild Blue Ropes have trained extensively for all types of situations.

The Staff:

The Wild Blue Crew is highly trained in safety practices – both for themselves personally, and for our all of our guests. Our staff understands that operating safely is paramount to keeping everyone safe on the ropes. Wild Blue Ropes promotes a company culture of safe practices, which are consistently reviewed, practiced, and enforced.

Our Crew extensively trains on the Wild Blue course, and on our equipment inspections.They also practice regularly on rescue procedures, and conduct emergency practice runs. These skills are best honed through lots of repetition and experience on the course. We all work consistently on skills verification, and put our very best forward each and everyday.

Regular Inspections:

Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park course is fully inspected EVERY SINGLE DAY we operate. It begins each morning before opening with a full ground inspection. Once that happens, we move up to inspect EVERY SINGLE OBSTACLE on the course. Also inspected daily are all helmets, harnesses, belay systems, and carabiners.

The Wild Blue Ropes course is also inspected yearly by a certified ACCT inspector.

No huge surprise here. All of this comes at a cost.

We do not cut any corners in running our high ropes challenge course business. It begins at the top by creating a company culture of safety. This is accomplished by having policies and procedures that are strictly adhered to on a daily basis, and hiring only the best personnel who have a passion for the job and all it entails.

Safety always comes first

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