Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park



1595 Highland Avenue

Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park is Charleston, South Carolina's leading outdoor adventure course experience. Join us in the Lowcountry for high ropes, obstacles, and unforgettable team building programs!

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Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sun: 9am-6pm | Fri, Sat: 9am-9pm | Mon: Closed
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A Better Side of Business

One visit to Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park and it’s easy to see, this isn’t business as usual. In fact, we thrive on the unusual. Our philosophy is that a business should benefit a community just as much as it benefits from one. At Wild Blue Ropes we know every individual, group or team we facilitate is unique. This is why our team is comprised of some of the most fun-loving, outside-of-the-box folks you’ll ever meet. We strive to help you achieve your goals by specifically designing a FUN and effective strategy based on your objectives! Our greatest reward as a team is knowing we deliver to the standard we promise everyday. We want to make the course and all of its aspects available to everyone, no matter what their personal trials may be. Changing lives, bonding teams and helping the community rock it out by challenging themselves together is what we are all about at Wild Blue Ropes. We invite you to learn a little more about who we are and how we do business. If you would like to see the amazing groups, teams and organizations we have worked with, you can see them here!

Our Core Values

  • Be Focused: Our customers and employees are very important to us.
  • Do Good: Give back to the community. Make the course available to all walks of life.
  • Serve Others: Own it, personalize it and elevate it. Offer exemplary customer service.
  • Do Right: Act with integrity-always do the right thing, knowing it leads to the right outcome.
  • GO BEYOND: Challenge others. Show the community just how possible the impossible can be.
  • Have Fun: Fun is our product. Create fun, enjoy your work and share the contagious spirit

At Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park, we make our mark every day with every dollar spent through our Benefit Corporation or B-Corp. Upon certification, Wild Blue will have joined over 1,000 other companies of all shapes and sizes worldwide in a pledge to redefine success in business. B-Corps must meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performances, accountability, and transparency.

Our B-Corp status is a testament to our efforts to create higher quality jobs, treat our employees with respect, and, in meaningful ways, improve the quality of life in our community. Learn more about what it means to you, what it means to us, and what it means to “B the change” by visiting http://www.bcorporation.net.

The Dreamers

These dreamers collided while helping their youngest daughters overcome the personal challenge of dyslexia. Inspired by the girls’ determination to defy their obstacles, the dreamers established a life-long friendship based on the belief that challenges are only opportunities in disguise and with the right course, we can all Go Beyond.

The Challenge Crafter

a.k.a. Hugh Corcoran

As a kid, it was nearly impossible to keep Hugh grounded, but not in the way you might expect. Constantly running, hiking, and biking around the Allegheny Mountains outside of his home in Pittsburgh, Hugh quickly became an avid student of the outdoors. Like a bear to honey, if there was sweet adventure nearby, Hugh was always hot on the trail, a trail that eventually took him to the Deep South for college where he attended Tulane University in New Orleans. It was here that he came to love the region and its legendary hospitality. And while he never lost his passion for the outdoors, Hugh landed a desk job that confined him to an office for over 20 years. It was when his wild streak began to overpower him that he said goodbye to the nine-to-five and moved to Charleston, which presented an opportunity to get back to the things he loves most: his family and the outdoors. Hugh’s adventurous spirit called hard when he landed in Charleston. He’s been chasing the Wild Blue dream ever since.

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The Amazement Guy

a.k.a. Gary Ladd

When it comes to how much he loves outdoor adventure, Gary cannot tell a lie. Maybe it’s because he grew up in the shadow of George Washington’s boyhood home near Fredericksburg, Virginia. Or maybe it’s because the slow-moving waters of the Rappahannock River and then the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the peaceful Shenandoah Valley, and the Lakes Region of New Hampshire were the backyard playgrounds of his youth. Whatever the reason, Gary never shied away from an opportunity to go explore; it’s how he discovered his love of sports. Even his 25-year corporate career allowed him to spend a good portion of his work and his life in the mountainous areas of West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. But when the enticing waters of the Shenandoah flow through your veins, a “good portion” simply isn’t enough, which is why Gary and his family headed to the South Carolina Lowcountry in 2007. It’s here where Gary and his wife, Anita, along with Hugh and his family decided to pursue a business that would become a cornerstone of the area, helping people become stronger from within.

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The Adventure Engineer

a.k.a. Ron Hite

It’s hard to pinpoint just exactly when Ron became a full-fledged activity aficionado, but a fair guess is during his early childhood, when he was about as easy to catch as a wild rabbit. Whether on the wrestling mats in the high school gym or playing varsity football in Miami, Ron mentally and physically tackled any task that came his way. Eventually he headed to Northern Arizona University where he played football, and then his path led to WVU, where he secured a degree in engineering. He hopped state lines and across continents, living and working in New York, Florida, West Virginia, Illinois, Arizona, Texas, Asia, and Australia. He learned the ropes, and then climbed with them. It was the climbing community he met along the way that fueled his enthusiasm for adventure. He’s still hard to catch—spare moments find him on the golf course, flying a radio controlled airplane, or boating in South Florida’s waterways—but he’s easy to have a!great time with, which is what makes him an integral part of Wild Blue.

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The Crew

A Little Bit of Crazy Goes a Long Way

Ask anyone on the Wild Blue Team how they got here and you’ll most likely get the same answer every time: “I wanted to go beyond!” Beyond the norm. Beyond personal limits. Beyond the status quo. We’re a fun-loving group to the core. We thrive on adventure—always have, always will—and can’t think of any better way to spend the day than extending the benefits of personal exploration and achievement to others, which is how Wild Blue came to be.

We invite you to get to know our crew and look forward to welcoming you to it when you visit Wild Blue.

The Designers

Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park relies on the best course designers available in Challenge Towers. This leading ropes course design company was born in the heart of the High Country deep in the Southern Appalachians near Boone, North Carolina. Established in 1996 and driven by a passion to create unique outdoor experiences, Challenge Towers is an industry leader, leveraging 20 years of experience with state-of-the-art technology to craft innovative aerial attractions around the world.

With their commitment to adventure programming and facilitating experience that informs each and every course installed, Challenge Towers and Wild Blue Ropes know first-hand the powerful impact that challenge and adventure can have on people and this drives their passion to create and innovate.