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Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park is Charleston, South Carolina's leading outdoor adventure course experience. Join us in the Lowcountry for high ropes, obstacles, and unforgettable team building programs!

Open All Weekends to the general public 10am to 6pm
Group bookings are available any day of the week by reservation
WE ARE OPEN Presidents Day 10am to 6pm
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Take your team to new heights at Wild Blue Ropes!

“Imagine being blindfolded and silenced, yet still expected to express yourself. Now imagine that you have to do this with a coworker that you barely know.” – Fast Company

Our ability to come together in successful teams working towards a common goal is as critical as ever in modern times. Many of us today find ourselves working from home, or remotely, thereby lacking much of the interpersonal connections that comes from sharing space with others. Reliance on ‘screens’ has also weakened our human interconnectedness. The function of an effective team building program is to facilitate a group through the critical processes of addressing challenges, communication, trust, and problem solving to ultimately uplift productivity & connectedness.

Wild Blue Ropes provides groups of all sizes with customized team building experiences unparalleled in Charleston. When you choose Wild Blue Ropes for team building you can expect highly trained facilitators, in an environment geared towards physical and emotional safety. You can also plan on massive results!

At Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park programs are customized to meet the specific nature of your group’s needs. Some teams are looking for team building activities geared towards leadership, developing stronger chemistry, or building trust. Another objective might be leading your group to develop stronger relationships and strengthen communication skills. Still others are simply looking for a fun event to build memories and camaraderie. Regardless of the objective, we at Wild Blue will facilitate a program to meet your wishes.

Whether you are looking for a group recreational activity, or an expertly facilitated team building program, Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park has what it takes to boost your organization to the next level.

Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park can OPEN anyday of the week – for groups of 12 or more participants. Contact hugh@wildblueropes.com for more information – or to book your team building experience.

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High Tide is gone and we are moving on! #CharlestonStrong

Charleston Local Businesses

Charleston locals know that our beloved Lowcountry took a beating this past week. As always – we as a local community have shown great resilience, perseverance, and fortitude.

Now that we have pushed through much of the #Irma clean-up, it’s time for us to support our Charleston local businesses – who have also taken a tremendous hit this past week. Restaurants, businesses and stores were all closed, and could really use our support as they re-open the doors.

So grab coffee at your local shop, patronize your favorite small store, get some fresh seafood from your resident fish monger, and try to be a great neighbor to all those local spots you often enjoy. It’s important at times – like these – more than ever – to show up & support LOCAL!

That said – we’d also like to THANK YOU for once again making Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park your #CharlestonsChoice WINNER (Best Adventure Activity Business) for the second year in a row. We are also proud & grateful to be the Finalist for Best Entertainment Center. It’s an honor to be part of our incredible Charleston community. Here’s to the weekend y’all!


Girl having fun at Wild Blue Ropes

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