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Building Working Memory Through WBR After School Adventures

Wild Blue Ropes after school program

After School Outdoor Adventure Program

Fall / Winter 2016

There are several good reasons to try and build physical activity or exercise sessions into your student’s weekly schedule, to give them the best chance of meeting academic goals. Recent studies from the University of Florida show a 50% increase in working memory in students who participate in 2 hrs of proprioceptive activity – (aka balancing, climbing, running etc). “This research suggests that by doing activities that make us think, we can exercise our brains as well as our bodies,” said Dr. Ross Alloway, a research associate.

Wondering why working memory is so important for learning? Working memory is loosely defined as the place our brains store information, while our bodies are in action. It’s the info we can access while performing a task. Working memory is vital to tasks in the classroom, such as following instructions, keeping track of time & where they need to be, and even remembering to do homework.

The Wild Blue Ropes Explorers program is purposefully designed to help increase working memory & promote academic success, through physical activity and outdoor experience. For Fall / Winter 2016 our outdoor high climbing adventure programs will run on Thursday afternoons – for 5 week periods – with three available sessions. The After School Adventure program helps to develop students’ skills in critical thinking, problem solving, motor planning, agility, stamina, self awareness & confidence.

Session 1: Thursday September 1st – Thursday September 29th.

Session 2: Thursday October 6th – Thursday November 3rd.

Session 3: Thursday November 10th – Thursday December 15th (No session Thanksgiving Day).

Wild Blue Ropes After School Program will run from 4 to 6 pm and is available for children 8 to 14 years old.

The Wild Blue Explorers Program will be held at Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park, located at 1595 Highland Avenue Charleston, SC 29412. Cost is $100/participant and includes a Wild Blue Ropes T-shirt.

Please contact Hugh Corcoran hugh@wildblueropes.com or call 843-225-1555 to sign up or ask questions.

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Challenge By Choice

People are unique & diverse – yet also very much the same. Some folks don’t like chocolate ice cream. (I know what you are thinking. Who in their right mind does not like chocolate ice cream? Usually it’s someone who likes vanilla). Vanilla may seem a bit plain to some, yet it’s still great ice cream & a solid choice.

In life we all have choices to make. In the outdoor adventure arena we like the opportunity to pick how hard or easy we want our adventure to be. We call this exploration “Challenge by Choice.”

“Challenge by Choice (CBC)” is a concept originated by Project Adventure. It asks that participants challenge themselves and participate fully in the experience at-hand. Recognizing that any activity or goal may pose a different level and type of challenge for each individual participant – and that personal change comes from within – CBC creates an environment where participants are asked to search for opportunities to stretch and grow. The decision on what level of participation represents an optimal learning opportunity and is the responsibility of each person.

Here at Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park we offer 72 obstacles to challenge yourself (with three levels of difficulty). We are firm believers in the Challenge by Choice philosophy, and encourage participants to chart their own paths on the WBR course. Whether someone does all 72 elements or just one, the most important part is, “What did YOU get from YOUR experience?” “Did you step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself?” Were you able to accomplish something that didn’t seem possible at the beginning of your adventure?

Ultimately whether you choose Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream – we at Wild Blue Ropes hope you enjoy your flavor of choice to the very last bite 🙂

Challenge by Choice at Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park
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