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Archive for October, 2014

Team Building with the Kiawah Island Recreation and Outdoors Department!

Kiawah Island Team Building

Team Work, Wild Blue Ropes, James Island, Team Building, Challenge, Ropes Course, Adventure

Teammates work together to conquer the challenges!

What the wonderful, team building participants at Wild Blue Ropes may not realize is the incredible impact they have on our staff—just as we hope to have on them. This particular group consisted of recreation and outdoors department managers from Kiawah Island! It was wonderful to have them on the ropes so that they know first hand what the Wild Blue experience is all about.

As the newest member to the Wild Blue Ropes team, I have spent the past few weeks shadowing our amazing staff—a group that takes pride and satisfaction in tailoring each team’s experience depending on the group’s abilities, wants and needs.

I was extremely excited to be working with Kyle, a Wild Blue Team Building Facilitator, for the first time as I had been hearing from the other team members how talented he is. The first challenge Kyle gave to the the Kiawah Island group was to line up on a log and, without speaking, rearrange themselves in order of birth date. Kyle explained to me that for a group of individuals who all work in management roles, the lesson here was not going to be balance or persistence, but rather non-verbal communication and listening.


Team Work, Wild Blue Ropes, James Island, Team Building, Challenge, Ropes Course, Adventure

One member assists her blindfolded colleague in putting on her climbing gear!

The next challenge was a set of trust activities where partners lean on each other to test assurance and conviction. A lot of people will bend their knees or lose their balance, but the Kiawah Island managers had little to no trouble with this activity. It was clear they have a solid foundation built on friendship and support both in and outside of the office.

For the last challenge, half of the team was blindfolded and sent inside the building while Kyle instructed the other half how to safely lead their partner out of the building and into the harnesses. Kyle asked that I be blindfolded as well and wait inside with the other Kiawah members.This activity takes a lot patience and trust.

Sitting there in the dark, it occurred to me how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to be guided by such amazing leaders in our community both on and off the course. I love the Wild Blue Ropes team, and continue to be inspired by our amazing participants.


Aly Murphy Headshot

Aly Murphy received a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from the University of South Carolina and holds certifications in Professional Etiquette and Advanced Behavior Analysis from The Charleston School of Protocol and The Nonverbal Group in Manhattan. Aly moved to NYC in 2012 for an esteemed internship at The Etiquette School of New York where she helped craft and coach workshops for children, universities and corporations. Since relocating back to the Lowcountry, she has joined the Wild Blue Ropes facilitation team. Her workshops are heavily based on social psychology and neuroscience helping individuals and groups better strengthen their social, emotional and moral intelligence for both personal and professional success.
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Dangling in the Dark

Night Climb, Birthday, Wild Blue Ropes, Climb, Adventure, Charleston, James Island

Nocturnal Ninjas Take on Wild Blue Ropes!

Here at Wild Blue Ropes, we love throwing birthday bashes you’ll never forget. Lucas Kawl celebrated his 8th birthday on the ropes October 23rd with all of his best friends! We celebrated in style with night climbing and a Halloween inspired ropes course.

Since our grand opening in May of 2014, the Kawl family has navigated our courses four times. Christen Kawl, Lucas’s sister, had her 13th birthday party at Wild Blue a couple months ago. Major props to these committed and brave clients!

Lucas wanted to have a Halloween themed party that was fun and active for him and his friends. We knew that letting them climb with our helmet-mounted headlights would be the perfect accessory for this group.

Birthday, Ropes Course, Wild Blue Ropes, Charleston, James Island, Night Climb, Adventure, Exciting Birthday Parties
This ‘Nocturnal Ninja’ hangs from the ropes at Lucas’ 8th Birthday Bash!


This was the first party group that got to experience our brand new gear! With the ability to switch back and forth between white, red, and strobe light functions—navigating the course was a breeze. Sophia, age 8, said that Wild Blue Ropes “is the best, most awesome, thing I’ve ever climbed on!” Thank you Sophia! And we must agree! Hard to argue with that statement.


Wild Blue Ropes, Climb, Night Climb, Charleston, James Island, Birthday
The girls get geared up!

The group agreed that climbing at night was extremely exciting and challenging. Descending into the darkness from the 35-foot platform was a “leap of faith” to say the least. Everyone in the group had a blast and it looks like the Kawls will be back for a 5th visit sometime soon!

We could not have asked for a better night. Happy Birthday Lucas!

Interested in having your birthday party at Wild Blue Ropes? We would love to have you! Check out our new fall prices on birthday packages.




Ellen Stroud received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Marketing concentration from the College of Charleston. Upon graduation Ellen traveled the US, Canada, and Europe working with startup companies as an independent marketing consultant. Besides traveling and learning of various cultures, Ellen enjoys being involved in community events. She has represented Wild Blue in all off site events and coordinated the Back to School Bash. Being ACCT certified, allows her to also enjoy time as an instructor on the course as well. 
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