Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park



1595 Highland Avenue

Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park is Charleston, South Carolina's leading outdoor adventure course experience. Join us in the Lowcountry for high ropes, obstacles, and unforgettable team building programs!

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OPEN: Fri 3–9pm, Sat 10am–9pm, Sun 10am–6pm
Open by Appointment for Groups of 12 or more
Call Us At 843-225-1555
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The Experience

The Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park experience is like nothing else in Charleston

Navigating obstacles and even swinging from tree to tree make it easy to channel your inner Tarzan. Don’t worry– we won’t judge the occasional chest thump or war cry (mainly because we’ve been known to do it ourselves from time to time). One of the only things you’ll find nearly impossible at Wild Blue Adventure Park is containing your excitement. You gotta' come climb our awesome ropes course!

Look at all this ropes course!

Ropes Ropes Ropes!

Seriously, look at these ropes.


Off the ground


Challenge Features


Amazing Experience

Looking for things to do in Charleston, SC? Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park is a something-to-write-home-about-holy-cow-I-can’t-believe-I-just-did-that adventure, featuring +70 challenge features 35-feet above the ground!

Our aerial course is a vast system of smart belay elements, designed at 3 levels of difficulty, and our Explorer’s Gateway course consisting of seven elements for our youngest guests.

If the technical description isn’t enticing you, imagine a jungle gym suspended 35 feet in the air where it’s completely acceptable to swing from one piece to the next. Your inner child just did a cartwheel, didn’t it?

Groups & Events

Wild Blue Adventure Park offers an exciting and unforgettable outdoor adventure for groups of all sizes. Even better, we extend variety of group discounts.

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Meet the Courses

Explorer's Gateway

The Explorer’s Gateway is just that—the perfect entry into your Wild Blue experience. Designed with kids from 4 to 9 years in mind, it’s a great choice for younger kids or those looking to learn a little bit more about how this whole challenge course adventure works. Easy to navigate, balance, and climb, participants ages four and up are able to make their way through the 15-foot high course! The Gateway is made up of 7 challenging elements in a continuous loop ... and if you are looking for a bigger challenge, check out our advanced courses with 65 challenges!

>>Photo by Hunter McRae

Big Sky Challenge

It’s always easy to spot the smiles on our Big Sky Challenge takers. This moderate challenge is on the first level of our course and an excellent step up from the Explorer’s Gateway. Begin your exploration of high-up adventure with Big Sky!

>>Photo by Hunter McRae

Holy City Heights

Take the adventure seeking higher on this second-story level where you’ll get to push your limits even further. Your balance and your mind are tested as you navigate through nets, tight wires, over and under obstacles, and along swinging bridges. Stretch your brain power as you figure out the best strategy to navigate this enticing adventure.

Wild Blue Yonder

Be prepared to push your limits on our most challenging course where you’re 35-feet high, swinging, climbing, and strategically maneuvering from one feature to the next. This exhilarating route is for those looking to take their level of adventure to—you guessed it!—new heights.

Want to see more? Visit our Gallery Page.